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Sammy G.

Sammy G.

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Sammy G.

I am a long-time DJ, first time caller, and native Richmonder.

Likes: family, friends, dogs, music (I have an enormous record collection), sports (GOLF, espc),dark beer, old bourbon, binge-watching, hiking, DIY projects, concerts, JMU Dukes, Orioles, Vikings, Lakers, NY Rangers, Dale, JR, US Military, rants, helping small businesses with events & marketing, commercial voice-overs.

Dislikes: sour milk, pain, thoughtless drivers, Blue Cheese, having to squint to read, warped records, discussing politics, terrorists (mean people in general), stepping in dog poop (clean up after your dog…careful, that could become a rant).

What the hell, here’s a quote I like: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” – Oscar Wilde

Let’s follow each other (who knows where this will lead?):

Twitter @RadioSammyG

Instagram @Vinyl_Du_Jour