April 18, 2014
1:20 am

Sam & Mason in the Morning

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Bro tries to take a "selfie" next to a moving train... (VIDEO)
Baseball Team Convinces Teammate That Other Teammate Is Deaf
Sammy G hits the track with NASCAR driver Aric Almirola! (VIDEO)
Singer hits bandmate (on stage) for sucking. (VIDEO)
Letterman has lost it, and it's fantastic. (VIDEO)
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10/31/2013 1:18PM
Sam & Mason in the Morning
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01/06/2014 8:44AM
U guys are awesome
Love the show. So great to hear someone who does not avoid the sensitive subjects. U stand up for the gun owners and hunters which is awesome. Have suggested story ideas to the local tv stations that are afraid to air them.
01/21/2014 4:01PM
Take the Coffee (or whatever it is) from Mason
I swear it's Tweek from South Park. Make it stop!
03/13/2014 8:51AM
Vlad to the bone?
Where can I find a copy of this bit? Funniest thing ever!
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