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Sam & Mason in the AM

Sam & Mason in the AM

Denver Nuggets mascot passes out, scares little Nuggets...

by Michael Mason posted Nov 3 2013 12:01PM

Have you ever seen a good "mascot screw up?"

From 7NEWS:

"The plan was for Rocky to be lowered in a harness, with a spotlight on him, just before the home opener.

Fans were horrified when a lifeless Rocky was lowered to the center court where he immediately collapsed. The spotlight was quickly turned off.

Rocky was checked by medical personnel before he walked off the court under his own power.

Word from the Nuggets was that Rocky had the wind knocked out of him and would be out for the remainder of the game."


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11/03/2013 12:01PM
Denver Nuggets mascot passes out, scares little Nuggets...
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